“Elegance is beauty, that never fades.”

This quote is one of my favorites because elegance describes my taste of fashion quite good. I always want my outfit to have the certain something what makes it elegant but not overdressed. Of course, my style is evolving from time to time but I would say that elegance is the only constance. 

Beside fashion, languages are what I am passionate about. Apart from German I also speak English, French, Italian and a little bit Swedish which I am still learning at the moment (find out more here). So you see I really have that thing about languages…

But the best part of foreign languages is that they enable you to talk to new, open-minded people in places you’ve never been to before. By talking to a real resident you get to know so much more about the country and its culture. Of course, traveling gives me the best opportunity to combine all these things and to expand my horizon.

As I’ve finished my A Levels this year, new adventures are coming towards me and this is what the blog is all about. Languages, Fashion, Life and a lot more – so stay tuned! I would be very happy if you’re following me along this journey and all the big things that are yet to come.


Greetings from the German girl with the Swedish name.